December 13.-14. Crowne Plaza Hotel

Region's aviation industry meets in Belgrade

President and CEO, Etihad Aviation Group

Keynote speech
by James Hogan

Dane Kondic, CEO Air Serbia

Airline business
and industry trends panel

27 confirmed international aerospace companies

SEAS mission

Southeast Europe is becoming a strong regional hub for civil and military aviation. In its 2015 passenger growth forecast, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) projected that Serbia will become Europe’s fastest growing market over the next twenty years – doubling in size each decade and growing at approximately 7-8% annually. In 2016, southeast Europe’s regional air transport market has kept pace with that forecast.

SEAS offers insights directly from industry leaders on core issues including: investment and modernization of civil aviation, MRO joint ventures and investments, the race to capture demand in the low cost carrier segment, airport expansion plans, prospects for component production moving to Southeast Europe and technology innovation. It provides a forum for executives, governments, manufacturers and those interested in breaking into the industry to forge partnerships and move the region forward.

SEAS will open with an address by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić. Additional confirmed speakers include: James Hogan, President and CEO of Etihad Aviation Group; Dane Kondić, CEO of Air Serbia; Michalis Kouveliotis, CFO of Aegean; and over 25 C-level participants. The first high-level summit of its kind in Southeast Europe, at least 300 delegates are expected.

SEAS 2016 is being organized by Tango Six Events

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08:00-09:40 Participant Registration / Welcome coffee
09:40-09:45 Welcome Address by the Organizer

Petar Vojinović, Founder and CEO, Tango Six Events

09:45-10:00 Opening Speech

Over the past few years, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has identified the aviation indutry as one of the major drivers for the growth of Serbia’s economy. As Serbia looks to further expand the industry, it will look for regional partnerships and further expand the cooperation with countries in the South East Europe.

Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia

10:00-10:20 Keynote Speaker

James Hogan Keynote address

James Hogan, Etihad Aviation Group President and CEO

10:20-10:30 1 on 1 with James Hogan

Etihad Aviation Group has taken a unique approach in expanding the business outside of its home hub. Over the past few years, Etihad has made strategic investments into airlines around the world. Mr. Hogan will share the experiences and provide insight into what challenges lay ahead for the global aviation industry.

Moderator: Nenad Bjelogrlić, Aerospace consultant 
James Hogan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Etihad Aviation Group

10:30-11:20 Air Transport Market Outlook in SEE

Air transport market growth estimates in South East Europe range from 3% to 7%, depending on the source. Low Cost Carriers have not fully captured their market segment, creating additional demand. What are the main challenges that lay ahead and how will legacy carriers in the region and outside of it sustain growth?

Moderator: Petar Vojinović, Founder and CEO, Tango Six Events
Dane Kondic, CEO Air Serbia; Michalis Kouveliotis, Chief Financial Officer, Aegean

11:25-11:45 Supporting the aviation industry through regulation

Mirjana Čizmarov, Director general, Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia

11:45-12:30 Coffee Break / Sponsored by Sky Partner
12:30-12:55 Current market outlook by Boeing

Jakob Funkenstein, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

13:00-14:00 Airport Privatizations and Concessions in SEE

Many airports in the SEE have been privatized or put up for concession over the last ten years. What have we learned from these experiences? Which approach will the remaining, government-owned airports take?

Moderator: Tonči Peović, CEO Brač Airport
Aleksandra Stanisavljević, advisor to CEO “Nikola Tesla” Airport; Marko Marković, deputy director investment and development, “Nikola Tesla” Airport; Roko Tolić, CEO Dubrovnik Airport; Alper Ersoy, deputy general manager, TAV Macedonia

14:00-14:20 HEMS operations in SEE

Edi Furlan, Elifriulia Helicopter Center

14:20-14:50 How Airlines Can Tap Value From Their Digital Data

Marko Javornik, Vice President, Mobility and Travel, Comtrade Digital Services

15:00-15:45 Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Organizations in SEE

MRO industry is continuously growing and focus on cost and quality has led to a shift of the labor intensive work to countries with lower labor costs. With some MROs still under government ownership, will a new wave of privatizations bring further growth to the MRO industry in SEE?

Moderator: Nenad Bjelogrlić, Aerospace consultant
Vladislav Stajić, Head of marketing and sales, Jat Tehnika; Maksimiljan Pele, CEO Adria Tehnika; Fred Dupont, Vice President Customer support and sales, Etihad Engineering; Srdjan Kragojević, Maintanance director, Prince Aviation

15:45-17:15 Networking Lunch
17:15-18:15 Application of High Tech Solutions in Air Transport / Hosted by Sabre

Over the past 20 years, we have seen a transformation of air travel enabled by the application of information technologies that have become available. New solutions are coming to the market every day, making it easier for passengers, travel agents, airlines and supporting organizations to perform their tasks. What solutions are changing the industry and what can we expect to see in the near future?

Moderator: Shane Batt, Senior Vice President, Sabre
Djani Ajder, Head of IT, Air Serbia; Roberto Tundo, Chief Information and Technlogy Officer, Alitalia; Robert Webb, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Etihad; Greg Gilchrist, Chief Customer Officer, Sabre

18:15-19:15 Marketing and Sales for connected travelers

With more than a third of sales in the aviation industry generated through various online channels, we will explore how airlines can reach and communicate with the connected travelers using mobile, video and social media, focusing on the different parts of the online travel journey: from dreaming, through planning and booking to experiencing. Discussions by the industry experts from the world’s leading airlines, online travel and digital platforms companies

Moderator: Ivan Jakovljević, Sector Lead Travel and Finance MENA, Google
Justin Warby, VP Digital Etihad Airways; Veljko Ristić, Head of Direct sales, Air Serbia; Ivan Rečević, Founder and CEO Gaia Consulting

09:00-10:00 Participant Registration / Welcome Coffee
10:00-11:00 New Regional Aircraft - How can SEE airlines be more effective on short haul routes?

All regional aircraft manufacturers are bringing new aircraft models onto the market that are promising to make great improvements in the short and medium haul operations. How can these new models make airlines in the South East Europe more successful, especially taking into the account the high seasonality of traffic in the region.

Moderator: Addison Schonland, CEO Airinsight
Arjan Meijer, Vice President Europe, Middle East, Russia & Central Asia, Embraer; Mark Gilbert, Director of Sales Europe, Russia and CIS, Bombardier; Jorge Abando, Vice President Marketing Mitsubishi Aircraft;

11:00-12:00 Future of Air Traffic Management in SEE

Constant air traffic growth in the SEE is making the skies busier than ever. How are the SES regulations and new technologies allowing us to handle the growing traffic in a safer and more effective way. How can ANSPs in the region work together to further optimize the traffic flows?

Moderator: Mirjana Vasiljevic, Head of ATM & AIS, SMATSA
Alexander Zarbov, Programmes and Strategies Department BULATSA; Luc Lallouette, SESAR programme director Thales Air Systems; Milivoj Sever Cuglin, adviser to the CEO, CROCONTROL, Radosav Jovanović, Professor, Belgrade Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

12:00-12:30 Coffee Break
12:30-13:30 Aircraft and Aircraft Component Production in SEE

Automotive industry has seen a major shift of production capabilities from Western Europe to the South East Europe. Although some new facilities have been introduced, the amount of production relocated to SEE is not in line with expectations. What trends will we see over the next ten years?

Moderator: Nenad Bjelogrlić, Aerospace consultant
Armin Wippich, Head of procurement marketing, Airbus, Aleksandar Lijaković, General director’s assistant for commercial affairs, Yugoimport SDPR, Andrija Ekmedžić, Head of egeneering, Konelek; Aleksandar Mišković, Precise Castings Foundry LPO Ada; Filip Kuntić, Serbian development agency

13:30-14:30 Development of Regional Airports in the SEE

Low cost carriers have targeted regional airports in the South East Europe to offer competitive pricing to their passengers. How can regional airports become sustainable in SEE?

Moderator: Alen Šćuric, Tango Six Portal
Irena Ćosić, CEO Zadar Airport; Radmilo Svemir, CEO Pula Airport, Vladica Djurdjanović, CEO Niš Airport; Saša Savić, Ponikve Airport CEO; Zoran Krstevski, general manager, TAV Macedonia; Miroslav Janjić, CEO Airports of Republic Srpska; Marin Raspudić, CEO Mostar Airport, Ivan Kusovac, assistant director, Airports of Montenegro

14:30-14:45 Closing ceremony



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