March 8-9 Crowne Plaza Hotel

Region's aviation industry meets in Belgrade

Over 50 aerospace companies already registered

Two days, 14 panels, over 300 delegates expected



Southeast Europe Aviation Summit 2016 was a resounding success. Aviation industry keeps on growing, and so are we. Before we welcome you in Belgrade on March 8-9, let’s take a look at key takeaways from the last summit.   Aviation industry keeps on growing A new, record 4.1 billion passengers were carried by the aviation […]

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Tango Six Events, part of the Tango Six group, is proud to announce the second Southeast Europe Aviation Summit (SEAS18), that will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on March 8-9, 2018. #SEAS18 will gather professionals and experts from around the world who recognize region’s tremendous potential for growth and will facilitate further dialogues between potential partners […]

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SEAS mission

Second Southeast Europe Aviation (SEAS) summit lands in Belgrade on March 8th and 9th, traditionally at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Belgrade.

SEAS delivers a decision making platform for airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, MRO's and aerospace defense companies. Fostering partnerships between governmental bodies and institutions, regulators, education facilities and other stakeholders - we are the largest biannual industry event in the region.

SEAS will facilitate debate, dialogue and presentations for more than 50 companies, attended by over 300 delegates from 25 countries.

If aviation is your business, Belgrade is your destination. Register below.

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08:30-09:50 Participant Registration / Welcome coffee
09:50-10:00 Welcome Address by the Organizer

Tango Six Group established SEAS as its premier offline event. Biannual gathering of leading aerospace professionals in the civilian and military arena lands in Belgrade for the second time.

Petar Vojinović, Founder and CEO, Tango Six Group

10:00-10:10 Opening Speech

Over the past few years, Government of the Republic of Serbia has identified the aviation industry as one of major drivers for growth of Serbia’s economy. As Serbia looks to further expand the industry, it will look for regional partnerships and further expand the cooperation with countries in Southeast Europe.

Government of Serbia representative

10:10-10:40 Airbus Group plans for the region of former Yugoslavia / Keynote

Fresh from a breakthrough deal of industry-cooperation with Serbia, Airbus is ready to prove its worth in neighbouring countries that are in need of rotary-wing renewal. This region-specific keynote will reveal their plans, offerings and hopes.

César Sánchez López, Vice President – Airbus Group

10:40-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-11:20 Current market outlook by Boeing / Keynote

Industry’s most premier market forecast in the airliners segment. In Belgrade Boeing’s CMO will focus on the SEE region and countries of former Yugoslavia

Jakob Funkenstein, Regional director, Marketing – Boeing Commercial Airplanes

11:20-12:30 Regional Aircraft OEM's latest project updates / Panel / Sponsored by ATR

Regional aircraft manufacturers are bringing new models into the market. With promises of making great improvements in the short and medium haul operations. How can these new models make airlines in Southeast Europe more successful, especially taking into account the high seasonality of traffic in the region.

Moderator: Michael Merlzureau, Director, Aerospace Market Analysis & Strategy – Air Insight

Clemente Affinito, VP Sales Europe – ATR; Martyn Holmes, VP Sales EU & CIS – EmbraerMark Gilbert -Director of Business development and sales – Bombardier; Mitsubishi representative; SuperJet International representative

12:30-13:30 Networking lunch
13:30-14:30 Civilian helicopters in the region - Police, HEMS and SAR operations / Panel / Sponsored by Airbus Helicopters

The most vibrant market segment in the region this year gets its own dedicated panel. With participants who represent the most desired customers to civilian helicopter OEM’s we will provide the forum to explore their needs in police, HEMS and SAR rotary operations.

Moderator: Darko Vučić – BiH CAA

Patrick le Barbenchon, Operational Marketing Senior Manager, Airbus Helicopters; Nenad Nedić, pilot – Serbian Police Helicopter Squadron; Edi Furlan, Sales manager – ElifruliaRepublika Srpska Helicopter Service, Montenegro Police

14:30-15:30 Startup airports, success stories and business plans /Panel/

Largest are put on concessions, smaller ones struggle daily to survive the competitive environment. What about the ones that have just stared to develop, ones too small and too real to their communities? Who are the people behind their plans, success and disappointments? What are the tales of conquering the impossible and how do desires of the most profitable civilian aviation segment sound like?

Moderator: Alen Šćuric, Tango Six portal

Bojan Avramović, RRA Jug; Tonči Peović, Brač Airport; Čačak Business Comunity, Ponikve Airport;

15:30-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-17:00 Aviation education system in Serbia and the region / Panel / Sponsored by Prince Aviation

Did you know that Serbia has the most layered and connected aviation education system compared to other countries in the region? We host middle and higher education institutions that have educated domestic and foreign aviation professionals for decades. How are they coping with increased interest, what are the areas that need improvement and how will this industry segment evolve with the needs of the modern market?

Moderator: Zoran Modli

Stanko Pavlović, Training Center director – Prince Aviation; Goran Cvijović, director – Belgrade Aviation Academy, Faculty of transport and civil engineering representative, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering representative;

17:00-18:00 Travel technology and aviation startups of the region / Panel /

One Serbian startup that is set to revolutionize aviation HR with Blockchain technology. One Croatian-born London startup that will disrupt the traditional airline problem of unsold airplane seats. One IT conglomerate based in Belgrade that provides backend IT solutions to major European airlines. One Slovenian startup that aims to improve the safety and health of pilots. All sit down to surprise the local and international audience with the “how-did-we-not-know-they-existed” panel.

Moderator: Marko Mudrinić, editor in chief – Netokracija.rs

Krešimir Budinski, founder and CEO – Air Ticket Arena; Comtrade Digital Services, Slobodan Vučković, founder and CEO – AirDB; Primož Gajžl, CEO – MedicoApps;

08:30-10:00 Participant Registration / Welcome Coffee
10:00-10:20 Serbian MoD aviation production, technology and R&D plans / Keynote /

Serbian defense industry seeks international cooperation but also conducts domestic research and development that is second to none in the region. With legacy modernization efforts and ambitious projects it is sometimes difficult to keep track with all the activities. Lead figure of the Serbian MoD will dissect all the latest projects, developments and ambitions in the aerospace segment of the growing Serbian defense industry portfolio.

Nenad Miloradović, Assistan to the minister of defence, in charge of defense technologies – Serbian MoD

10:20-11:30 Military rotary-wing acquisitions, industrial cooperation and operations in the Balkans region. / Panel / Sponsored by Airbus Helicopters

Rotary-wing sales in the military segment of the industry have exploded in the last two years within the SEE region. Seen as politically most sensible and operationally most needed, military helicopters are getting bought by the neighbouring countries like there is no tomorrow. When deals are made they can include industrial cooperation, be conditioned by politics or can be solved in various creative ways. How do operators of those machines think and what are their needs going forward?

Moderator: Igor Božinovski – Tango Six portal

Nenad Miloradović, Assistant to the minister of defense, in charge of defense technologies – Serbian MoD; Major general Bojan Zrnić, chief of defense technologies department – Serbian MoD; Patrick le Barbenchon, Operational Marketing Senior Manager, Airbus Helicopters; Croatia Air Force representative, Macedonia Air Force representative, Montenegro Air Force representative, BiH Air Force representative;

11:30-12:10 Coffee break
12:10-13:10 All of the regional CAA directors in one panel / Panel / Hosted by Serbian CAA

Civilian aviation authorities are always on the cutting edge of safety, industry and political considerations that are difficult to navigate. How to ensure the need for order and oversight in a vibrant industry that moves faster than regulation can be drafted? Seasoned CAA directors of the region will provide the behind-the-scenes insight in their day to day struggle to keep the skies safe, industry non-bothered and the public confident in safety and order.

Mirjana Čizmarov, director – Serbian CAA; Montenegro CAA director, Croatia CAA director, Bosina and Herzegovina CAA director, Macedonia CAA director, Slovenian CAA director

13:10-14:10 Airport security in the 21st century - solutions, trends, latest tech / Panel / Sponsored by Nikola Tesla Airport

Witness trends and latest technologies in the segment that is the least noticeable but most important for industry’s security. We have gathered professionals and thought-leaders in the region that will relate their experiences, plans and solutions for hassle-free travel. What are the latest technologies, where will you see them and more specifically where will you never notice them.

Moderator: Vladimir Mićić, Head of Security, Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” Airport

Serbian CAA representative, Slovenian CAA representative, Ohrid airport representative, Nuctech representative

14:10-15:00 Networking Lunch
15:00-16:00 Latest in drones and drone operations in civilian and military arenas. Regulatory challenges, local R&D projects / Panel /

Unmanned Arial Vehicles have became more accessible to the public and got renamed as “drones”. Promising to be the fastest growing segment of the industry our drone panel monetizes on that interest. We will educate the industry and spectators of sector’s companies less known. We will showcase their projects, R&D and then focus on the subject of civilian use and its safety and regulatory considerations.

Sima Marković, Managing director – Serbian UAV Cluster; Predrag Matejić, Lead Engineer – EDePro, Petar Matunović, CEO – Composite Technology Team; Bojan CvetičaninSerbian CAA

16:00-17:00 MRO tales less told - modifications, interior customizations and other opportunities / Panel /

The more interesting talk within the MRO arena. How do you add value to your MRO operation and what do clients seek? When are mods, paint jobs and additional equipment a definition of a sub-segment that is surprisingly vital in Serbia and the region? Did you know that we have two MRO’s that can paint your aircraft, one startup that can design the interior of your VIP jet and one company that can design and produce the most interesting equipment you desire?

Moderator: Vladimir Jovanović, Executive Director – Prince Aviation

Srđan Kragojević, Head of maintanence – Prince Aviation; Jat Tehnika representative; Svetlana Mojić Džakula, CEO and owner – Salt & Water; Andrija Ekmedžić, CEO and owner – Konelek

17:00-17:10 Closing ceremony


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